From the beginning of the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer I have been keeping an ongoing count of the number of dead bodies which have shown up on school property. I figure someone has to since no one in Sunnydale (except for our heros) seems to have noticed.

Actually people have noticed. It starts to become clear during the second and third seasons of the series that the local authorities in Sunnydale are aware of what is going on, but they are covering it up. By the end of season three we also learn that most of Buffy’s classmates are aware that their school isn’t like other schools, and they are still alive because of Buffy’s efforts.

In the fourth season we also learn that the federal government is also very aware of the sorts of things that go on in Sunnydale. They have an operation called the Initiative which is capturing and studying vampires and other demons.

In order to make this list a person has to have died on school property. Either on the grounds of Sunnydale High School during the first three seasons or UC Sunnydale in later seasons. Demons, vampires and zombies don’t count, since—with the exception of the Master—vampires don’t leave much behind, and we can assume that Buffy and her friends disposed of the demon’s body from The Puppet Show even though everyone in the school auditorium saw it.

Also left off the list are the two bodies put together by the junior Frankensteins in Some Assembly Required. (Or should we count them as four, since the girl was put together from the parts of three other girls?) I don’t count these because they all died off school property, and of natural causes.