Second Season Bodies

#12 #13

School Hard
2 unidentified people are killed when Spike and company raid the school on parent-teacher night. Spike breaks the first one’s neck (Spike is a veal kind of guy, and he was too old to eat.) The second tries to escape out the window of the science lab that he was hiding in, and gets caught.

The police show up for this one too, but all they seem to do is to collect the bodies. We do get an indication that they do know that something weird is going on around the school, and that they are covering it up.

#14: The mummy’s "bodyguard" Inca Mummy Girl
The mummy’s "bodyguard" is sucked dry by Ampata in the girl’s rest room.

#15: Philip Henry

The Dark Age
Philip Henry, an old friend of Giles’ is killed by the demon Eyghon on the back doorstep of the library.

At least the police showed some curiosity about this death. Coming to ask Giles who the dead guy is, and why does he have Rupert Giles’ name and address in his pocket?

#16: Jenny

Jenny Calendar, Oh my god! He killed Jenny! The bastard!. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Angel kills Jenny after a long chase through the school corridors. She has discovered how to restore his soul, but Angel kills her before she can tell anyone else about it. He leaves her body as a ‘present’ in Giles’ bed.

#17: Miss Frank

I Only Have Eyes For You
Miss Frank is shot by the school janitor, George, while they are both under the influence of a couple of ghosts who keep re-enacting their murder/suicide which originally took place in 1955.

Sunnydale High needs another replacement teacher. (They haven’t been able to replace Jenny yet, maybe word is getting out.)

#18: Nurse Greenliegh #19: Coach Marin

Go Fish
Nurse Greenliegh is fed to the swim team by Coach Marin, who later gets eaten himself.

Neither of them are innocent victims. They both played a part in turning the members of the team into monsters with some sort of fish DNA cocktail.

It has been a really tough couple of months for people who work at the school.

#20: Kendra

Becoming, Part 1
Kendra the other slayer, has her throat slashed by Drusilla in the library. This was a particularily cruel killing. Dru first hypnotizes Kendra, and then as she is standing there helpless, Dru slits Kendra’s throat with her fingernail.

Once again someone finds Buffy with a body to explain. As she is kneeling over her friend’s body, the police enter the library, and try to arrest her. Buffy resists this and becomes a fugitive from the law.

As of the end of Becoming II Buffy is apparently still a fugitive. The police will have probably figured out by now that she didn’t kill Kendra, but there are still a charge or two of resisting arrest, and assaulting police officers to deal with.

Full Body Count, Second Season
Who or What Where How
When She Was Bad
Vampire 1 The cemetery Kicked onto a tree branch by Buffy
Vampire 2 The Bronze Staked by Buffy
Vampire 3 The factory Staked in the back by Buffy
Vampire 4 The factory Staked by Buffy
Vampire 5 The factory Staked by Angel
Vampire 6 The factory Staked with torch by Buffy
The vampire Absalom The factory Torched by Buffy
Some Assembly Required
The vampire Stephan Korshack The cemetery Staked with a shovel by Buffy
Daryl Epps The old school science lab Burned in the fire
School Hard
Vampire 1 Outside the Bronze Staked by Buffy
Dell Outside the Fish Tank Killed by Spike
Dewayne Outside the Fish Tank Killed by Spike
Sheila The factory Killed and vamped by Drusilla
A man The school lounge Neck broken by Spike
A man The school lawn Dragged through a window and killed by vampires
Vampire 2 School hallway Staked by Buffy
Vampire 3 School hallway Staked by Buffy
The Anointed One The factory Given a suntan by Spike
Inca Mummy Girl
Rodney Munson The museum Mummified by the mummy
The real Ampata The bus station Mummified by the mummy
The mummy’s “bodyguard” Girl’s washroom in the school Mummified by the mummy
The mummy Ampata The museum Went to pieces after she wasn’t able to suck the life out of anyone for too long
Reptile Boy
The demon snake Machita The Delta Zeta Kappa basement Sliced in two by Buffy
A vampire Pop’s Pumpkin Patch Staked by Buffy
Lie to Me
A vampire Outside the Bronze Staked by Buffy
A vampire The school lawn Staked by Buffy
Billy Fordham The Sunset Club Killed and vamped by Spike and Drusilla
The vampire Billy Fordham cemetery Staked by Buffy
The Dark Age
Philip Henry Sunnydale High campus Strangled by Eyghon
Faux Doctor Vampire 1 Outside the Sunnydale Hospital Staked by Buffy
Faux Doctor Vampire 2 Outside the Sunnydale Hospital Staked by Buffy
Eyghon Ethan’s costume shop Killed by Angel
What’s My Line, Part I
A vampire Outside the du Lac crypt in the cemetery Staked by Buffy
Mrs. Kalish In her home, next door to Buffy’s Killed by Norman Pfister
One Eye Skating rink Throat slashed by Buffy’s skate
What’s My Line, Part II
A vampire In the church Shot with the crossbow by Giles
A vampire In the church Staked by Willow
Norman Pfister, the Bug Man In the church Stomped by Xander and Cordelia
A vampire The park Beaten to a bloody pulp, and staked by Buffy
A vampire The park Staked with an arrow by Giles
Ted The Summers kitchen Head bashed in by Buffy with a cast iron frying pan
Bad Eggs
The vampire Tector Gorch Under Sunnydale High Eaten by the Mother Bezoar
The Mother Bezoar Under Sunnydale High Killed by Buffy
A vampire Loading dock at the Bronze Staked by Buffy
A vampire The Bronze Staked by Buffy
The vampire Dalton The factory Fried by the Judge
The cigarette smoking hooker Alley outside Angel’s apartment Throat ripped out by Angel
Jenny’s Uncle Enyos His hotel room Killed by Angel
A man shopping Sunnydale Mall Burned by The Judge
The Judge Sunnydale Mall Shot with a rocket launcher by Buffy
Theresa An alley near the Bronze Killed by Angel
The vampire Theresa Sunnydale Funeral Home Staked by Xander
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
A vampire The cemetery Staked by Buffy
A quaint little shop girl   Heart ripped out by Angel
A girl Alley beside the Bronze Killed by Angel
Four fish Willow’s bedroom Killed by Angel
Jenny Calendar Sunnydale High Neck broken by Angel
Killed by Death
Tina Sunnydale Hospital Killed by the Kindestod
Dr. Backer Sunnydale Hospital Killed by the Kindestod
The Kindestod Sunnydale Hospital basement Neck broken by Buffy
I Only Have Eyes for You
Miss Frank Balcony overlooking the school courtyard Shot by George the janitor, under the influence of the ghost of James Stanley
Go Fish
Nurse Greenliegh The sump under the Sunnydale High swimming pool Killed and eaten by the swim team
Coach Marin The sump under the Sunnydale High swimming pool Killed by the swim team
Becoming, Part I
A vampire The cemetery Staked by Buffy
A vampire The cemetery Staked by Buffy
Doug Perren A Sunnydale Museum Killed by Drusilla
A sacrifice Angel’s mansion Killed by Angel
The vampire immolation-o-gram A Sunnydale High class room Exposed itself to sunlight
A vampire The Sunnydale High library Staked by Kendra
Kendra The Sunnydale High library Throat slashed by Drusilla
Becoming, Part II
Vampire 1 The Summers front yard Staked by Buffy
Vampire 2 Angel’s mansion Decapitated by Buffy
Vampire 3 Angel’s mansion Staked by Buffy
Acathla Angel’s mansion Stabbed with a sword by Buffy

Second Season Totals
People: 27
Vampires: 36
Others: 14